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Quest 2 Invest was founded by John S. Rabi in 2009, to provide real estate investment advice and consultation to clients. The company has grown to a full service wealth and asset management firm throughout the years, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Typically Tropical Enterprise Group LLC.

Quest 2 Invest is a leading adviser of asset management and financial services, advising clients ranging from individuals to small start-up and boutique operations in the world. Our team advises on regulatory and compliance matters, regulatory issues, and the formation and wealth management of assets and real estate investments. We serve as transactional counsel and advise on regulatory issues. We also advise on the operational integration of diversified financial matters. We are consistently recognized as a top firm for asset and wealth management.


We advise some of the largest companies in Hawaii, as well as small- and mid-size companies. We counsel individuals, funds, advisers, fund boards, independent directors, audit committees, and dozens of boards of directors/trustees. Our clients include both financial services companies of global breadth, as well as financial services companies of all sizes. We advise them on a wide variety of asset management and financial services regulatory issues, operation and distribution of their investment products and platforms globally and regionally. We also have extensive experience drafting and negotiating operational documents for wealth management. Recognized as a leading adviser for the industry, Quest 2 Invest is the firm of choice for clients seeking comprehensive, cross-border service. We help clients launch investments, raise capital, achieve asset management efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.

Property Investment Advisers

Quest 2 Invest has long been recognized as thought leader on issues affecting property investment management. Our investment advisers advise a full spectrum of firms, from individuals to small boutiques to family offices to Hawaii’s largest financial institutions. These clients include investment banks, bank-related advisers, and even dually registered investment adviser/broker-dealers offering a broad range of investment advisory products and services. Moreover, we regularly assist clients worldwide in dealing with both home-country issues and cross-border matters.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Quest 2 Invest regularly assists clients in the development of real estate-based portfolio management, including associated stocks, REITs

and ETFs. We have been instrumental in creating innovative investment choices and have been effective in solving problems and in crafting relationships among product participants.

Asset Management

Quest 2 Invest is a leader advisor in asset management for clients. We advise on all types of transactions, including joint ventures, share and asset-based transactions and wealth restructuring. We advise on asset management due diligence issues as well as related matters.

Global Real Estate

We provide a comprehensive range of tailored solutions supporting the cross-border acquisition and distribution of real estate properties. We are skilled at achieving our clients’ business objectives in global real estate, and trough our global network of correspondent firms, we provide or coordinate advice on the global marketing and sale of investment properties.



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*Quest2Invest merged with Tropical Resort Properties in 2019, and is no longer an independent company.
















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