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In 1993, a chance encounter between the CEO of Taveuni Development Company, the largest property development company in Fiji, and John S. Rabi led to the establishment of Tropical Resort Properties, to market a new development called Coconut Estates (aka the "Hidden Pradise") on Vanua Levu to American investors. The success of the development was followed by Waidroka Bay Estates and Maui Bay Estates on Viti Levu, and Koro Seaview Estates at Dere Bay Resort on Koro Island.


Tropical Resort Properties evolved into a large scale operation as the years went by, and established a referral network of well known property developers and real estate companies in Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines.


With an in-depth knowledge of the South East Asian emerging markets, Tropical Resort Properties is ideally placed to identify to invest in wide range of real estate opportunities. Prime real estate in exclusive and exotic locations, we constantly look for projects that offer attractive investment returns for our clients.


As part of the Typically Tropical Enterprise Group, Tropical Resort Properties has the resources and support infrastructure to even more expand its operational scope and scale. Today the company's business spans a real estate services company in Hawaii, land in Fiji, residential real estate in Taiwan, condotels and villas developments in Thailand, and resort condominiums in Malaysia and the Philippines.


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