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A choice meeting with the CEO of Taveuni Development Company, the largest property development company in Fiji, led to the establishment of Rainforest Properties LLC by John S. Rabi in 2002; primarily to market Coconuts Estates (dubbed “The Hidden Paradise”) on Vanua Levu, and Maui Bay Estates on Viti Levu, in Fiji. The success of these developments led to the development of the Koro Seaview Estates at Dere Bay Resort on Koro Island.

To provide professional service to American investors interested in Fiji Island properties, Rainforest Properties LLC established a network of connections in the region that grew into a much larger scale throughout the years, and now include Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines too. Rainforest Properties LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Typically Tropical Enterprise Group LLC.

Rainforest Properties LLC offers only selected properties in Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, that have all the legal documentation and necessary requirements, and that can be acquired by private investors and international businesses alike. Rainforest Properties LLC works with local developers, local real estate companies in those countries, and international property marketing brokerage firms.

While most properties marketed by the company are resort properties and not rainforest land, those properties are probably the best commodity investments of the century. Properties with native forest are expected to gain greatly in valuation as the planet slowly runs out of its natural forests. Rainforest land is also a carbon tax offset for many companies and individuals worldwide, all benefiting from owning rainforest properties. It’s preservation through private capital investments offering fantastic potential returns.


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